Product Description: With the new model UMUR high frequency press, it is advantageous in terms of both convenience and time saving in pressing of molds of different sizes and shapes in favor of the user.

With the new design of the high frequency press, the loading and unloading of the molds on the press is facilitated and with the changes made in the hydraulic equipment, it will serve its users for a long time without requiring service and maintenance and will contribute to the increase of production of the enterprises.

In the selection of high frequency generators, UMUR prioritizes the products of the most experienced companies that can produce more efficient production with less energy to shorten the time in production. After the installation of the high frequency press, the problems that can occur with the technical support are solved in the fastest way. Customer satisfaction is given priority with the suggestions for the molds in different forms.

• Side pressure pistons can be moved up and down and angled,
• The lower table can be lifted up by special equipment and the press can be closed completely.
• Isolated front doors,
• Hydraulic system to operate the top and side pressures separately,
• Special time clock.
For more technical specifications of the machines, please contact us via umur@umur.net.